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This is a very interesting connection. The "dead child" on one hand and the "lost woman" on the other. I had a bit of difficulty following the connection, but your writing is well-crafted otherwise.
I agree that it was a bit hard to make the connection between the two stories, but you've used interesting phrases and word choices and kept my interest through to the end.
I didn't find it difficult to relate the two stories. That was what I loved about your story. You showed how both were dead, yet both experianced a differnet kind of death and God provided the hope they needed-life. Great job. I really liked this one. One of my favorites of the week.
I love the interwoven stories. I think it makes brilliant sense. The parallels of spiritual and physical deaths and the ultimate healing power of Jesus for both. Well thought out and wonderful writing. I just love the poetic writing and the movement from absolute hopelessness to the realization of hope. Could bring home a prize! :-)
Yes, this works for me too. You really plumbed the depth of the woman's heart. Well done. Some really great poetry this week.
I agree with the last three commenters. Well written - no wonder you made it to advanced so quickly... are we going to see another step up next week?
The Bible account of the dead and risen girl interwoven with the modern portrait of the spiritually 'dead' and 'awakening' young woman is brilliant! What a great parallel!! Beautifully done, Purity!
I also agree, it works. Very good job.
I liked the connection, too. This flowed well, with an easy meter that wasn't overpowering, and an awesome message. Well done!
Both stories were weaved together like a beautiful basket full of hope. Thank you. I loved it.
I think this is absolutely beautiful and fantastically written. I LOVED it.
I LOVE this piece too! It brings hope not only to the ones trapped in the death of sin, but for all of us who are praying on their behalf. Bravo. Excellent work!
Oh, I agree with the other comments. I really like ready this. The message right on target.
Somebody said it: Great poetry this week. This one is just another example. To be honest, I didn't fully appreciate it's brilliance until after I had read it a second time. I have read many different written...reading both stories separately...and, once, just reading the first two lines of each verse (up to the 3am line). I am amazed at how much depth is packed into this very short piece. Excellent job!
At first the verses seemed to disrupt the flow, but later just added to the emotions of this well crafted poem!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win! This piece is amazing.

Are you convinced now that you are a gem of a writer?
Congrulations on a well-deserved win!
this. It's so well- written and beautifully constructed. I like how each stanza about the woman ended-- And there is no end, there is no end. Repeating that phrase throughout really made me focus on the despair and hopelessness felt by the woman. Intermingling her despondency with Jesus' message of hope and compassion made this piece a sure winner. If you've had any doubts about being a good writer, I'm here to tell you to banish the thought! See you in the Masters' Level.
I loved this Purity. Congrats on placing FIRST. Well deserved. May you continue to grow in your writing.

Congratulations, Purity--a well-deserved win! Your images are always superbly gripping, and this piece is ingeniously constructed. To top it off, you write with your heart for a pen. This is the kind of stuff I love to study for growth as a poet.
Crafted nicely. Unique approach.
I love what you wrote and how you wrote it. Truly a blessing. Beautiful.
Wow, Purity, many congratulations - you deserved this win.
Congratulations! You are a very gifted writer who writes straight from the heart!
Purity, You are amazing. The way you can capture one's soul in words in terrific. Beautiful and well-deserving of this place!!!
Congratulations, Purity. A very creative piece with a wonderful message. I also love the title.
Can't say more than has already been said. This is brilliant!