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Not reader friendly, as it is clogged together without separation to give the reader breathing room. Just a space between paragraphs would be so appreciated by those who wish to brouse and read. THanks for your thoughts.
Everyone needs to hear this messege. It's so true. We can have hope though HIM. Great work.
So much truth in this and a real compassion on the part of the reader. But please, do be careful when talking on a topic like this. Sometimes that ‘sure way out’ you speak of does not happen overnight. Despite the sufferers readiness for healing, hope is often dashed when God chooses not to heal in our time frame. I have been that clinically depressed woman, medicated, though not institutionalized. For years ‘I don’t care’ constantly echoed in my mind, but, paradoxically, I never lost hope in Jesus. I wish, for the sake of other people struggling with depression, that you had fleshed this out.
As others have commented, there are some cosmetic issues with this article (paragraph separation and grammar), but aside from that, its message really stands out. I came away with a clear picture of what you were trying to say and a fresh look at hope through a situation I have never witnessed firsthand before. Cosmetic stuff can always be fixed, but if you don't have the gift of putting your hear into your story, then you don't have a gift. You have a gift.
Great thoughts on hope. Keep writing.
Thanks for your message of hope. So many lives are messed up because of a lack of faith and a knowledge that we must hold on to our faith in Jesus, or our lives will just crumble.