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Beautiful story. I love your capture of it. Well done!
One of the things I love about your writing is how it does not flinch. There is both craft and scalpel in the weaving of your words - and I really like this. I love how you have got under the skin of the woman, captured the essense of the pharisee's desire to use this woman against Jesus. My comment is that I feel it could be longer. But this really is lovely. God bless.
impressive. I'm always excited to read stories that people have stepped out of thier "normal" boxes to write. This is one of them. I never knew you were a poet!!! Great. Beautiful. Intoxicating. One problem. "I stumble to his feet, cast by their greed." I don't know if it was just me, but I had to read this sentence a few times before undestanding that "his feet" wasn't a typo, but actually was referring to Jesus' feet. But I'm being picky. Great job!

This is a knockout piece. You took on the woman's character and emotions marvelously. And it's so richly crammed with skillful description. "...soiled by my insanity"--wow, one tiny phrase, packed full with layers of meaning. For maximum punch, you might want to describe the encounter with Jesus taking her beyond restoration to sanity, into a place she'd never experienced before. Great writing!
This was very well done. I think the lack of length actually strengthened it as anything longer would have felt like you were searching for rhymes so to speak. It was a simple 180 - Lost then Found. Great piece!
This is just incredible; a beautiful, beautiful bit of wordcraft.
Well crafted words! Good job.
Very well written...I didn't get it at first, but I liked the paralell comparison of the sin and the forgiveness in the words of the poem.
Beautiful description of His merciful love.
Oh, WOW! What a powerful and...well, I'm at a loss to describe how truly incredible this poem is!! Absolutely 'stops you in your tracks' terrific!! Masterful!! I'm gushing for good reason, Helen...WOW!!
Beautifully done! A+
Very creative entry. I loved it! However, needs a scripture reference so those that are not familiar with this beautiful story from the Bible, can read and understand this beautifully written poetic form of that woman, that time and place...and how it weaves the story in poetic form. Very Very Good!
I really was blown away by this poem and by how well the two sonnets took the same pattern and perfectly illustrated this story. Excellent!
Powerfully written. Well done!