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a good gospel tract, and a great way to make the gospel even more understandable!

Wonderful, and very well done. All-dialog is hard to do, but by giving both of your characters such distinct personalities, you nailed it. Bravo!
What an ingenious story! If I'd tried for a hundred years I'd never have come up with a gospel message from a sock sretcher! Like it very much - great dialogue.
Very good. I liked the humor, the dialogue. Creative angle. Well done!
Nice analogy!
Loved it! What a fantastic way to show and tell about Love! And creative too. The two voices, the preacher and the teen, were done so well - it was as though the Writer had been there & done that! Good job!
“Patience, my friend. The sock stretchers get rescued — that’s redemption. They get changed — that’s conversion. Then it’s time to work away at making that conversion something beautiful that people can see — that’s sanctification, and it’s a long process. You’ll see.”

Lynda, I love this! Everything explained in a nutshell. This goes in my "favorites!"