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You really kept my attention with this - although I found some of the sentences a little hard to read. Who are they? I kept asking myself. Angels? I love the idea of unheroes, and the last paragraph was great.
I agree with Helen's comments, it's a bit difficult to read yet never-the-less the ending is good!!
This is very creative. I love the unheroes! Great message, you can be a hero by doing the simple little things that need doing faithfully. We won't necessarily have the world at our feet like a superhero, but the unhero will certainly receive his reward.

Your style of writing about the unheroes in superhero fashion may throw a few people, but I thought it was great fun.
I could just hear this as a "voiceover" narration to a documentary film. Very effective style! Consider ending it with "you may be one yourself"--that's where the oomph is.
Great thoughts. It's a bit long for a card, but wouldn't this text on a card be lovely - I've got a friend I could give it to right now - an unhero if ever I knew one.
The first two paragraphs read almost like poetry, especially the images the second paragraph conjures. I like the series of three 'un-'s of the first paragraph.

Your third and fourth paragraphs then shift to those that are being helped by your 'unheroes'. I had a difficult time making that shift; I thought at first that perhaps you were describing the 'unhero'. Sometimes they are unheroes, the person least expected to make a difference.

Varying your sentence length, making longer sentences into two or three may make this piece more readable. Don't lose the connectedness of your words, just make sure that many long sentences don't detract from your message. Your message, by the way, should encourage anyone who doesn't believe he is anything special to become an unhero himself. Thank you for your contribution.
This is a beautiful tribute to all the unsung heroes that nobody notices, except an "unwitness" such as yourself. Thank you for expressing your appreciation so well. Thank you, also, for your comments and insights on my "Better or Worse" prosperity story. You are right, God, like Hallmark, cares enough to send His very best! God bless you!