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I laughed out loud at this. 'More often than not, strength wears a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers' Fantastic! I ask the question whether the middle section, where you slipped from 'show' to tell' could be altered at all - I wondered if it weakened the piece. But it's a question, not formed enough to be an opinion lol
I love it! "..she wears bathrobe and fuzzy slippers." Very well written, and definitely creative. As a rule, I don't like God being brought down to the level of a regular earthly person...but somehow, in this case, I didn't seem to mind. Great Job!
Very clever! I don't generally like "it was only a dream" pieces, but it really worked here. You switched tenses halfway through...easily fixed. All in all, the wit and charm of this piece make it truly sparkle.
I love this! Great job!
'Pepsodent grins' too funny!

Sad but true tale of how we feel we don't measure up to an image! (can we still buy Pepsodent?)

Loved the body change part too! Wouldn't THAT be nice! Too many good parts!

"And what am I wearing? Is that a Bob Mackie?" One of many lines that made me laugh out loud! Great job!
Awesome story. My favorite was Sabrina. But I never had the good fortune to dream about her. Loved it.
This could have so easily been so corny BUT it wasn't. I was more a Starsky and Hutch person myself but this was too cute and well done! Good JOB!
Wonderful read, great humor!
What a hoot! Great story, on topic, with some excellent one liners. LOL. I did notice the tense change but it didn't affect the overall effect (did you get that?). Plus, any entry that mentions Charlie's Angels deserves a big round of applause. *clap..clap...clap*
Great work!
This is funny and done quite well! lol! Brought back memories. I need to find my Farah poster. ;-)