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Good, believable dialogue interesting story
It's gotta be written by a man! Knowledge about lumber, two by's etc...very realistic. And the last line, well it gave me a tear in the eye and a lump in the throat. Great writing! Good story.
I like the way this well-told story demonstrates how we can be lights in the world, drawing people to Jesus. Especially great dialogue!
I agree--great dialog (except maybe the prayer at the end...most non or new Christians are self conscious of praying out loud). Good job!
I really liked the character of Matt--such a realistic Christian. Good job on this story!
Very believable story with realistic, well-written dialogue. I really liked your style and voice. The change in Dan at the end struck me as too neat and clean. But that's probably just me. (Who is Jeff in the third paragraph? That threw me off.) Good job - I liked it.
Good job of characters and real life issues.

It's sad she left - not sure about that, but all the voices rang true.

I think the prayer was okay because it was just the blessing - a good start.

I'd like to know more about what happens! :)
I enjoyed this very much. The story was realistic and made me WANT to read it to the end. Great job!
Such a believable story. The characters were real and the writer either knows something about building or has done the research.
Will you come help me add a bathroom to my upstairs bonus room?! My but you know about lumber. I loved the way his Christian friendship helped him. And I love dialogue driven storys. Good job!
Superb job all the way through!
Great story! Believable dialogue, good flow... I agree about the prayer at the end. I don't think a non-Christian would offer to pray - it's hard even for some Christians (me included, sometimes) to pray out loud in front of people. I think it was enough just that he showed up. A small reworking of the ending is all it would take to make this piece a sure winner for me. Great work!
Hey, I really like this. It's such a realistic yet loving way of reaching out to the lost. A nagging wife never helps a wayward husband. Very well done!
very very good. A real world example of the working of the Kingdom through us. The technique was strong, the message stronger, the characters believeable.. dialogue right on. The only weakness? In my mind it didn't hit the topic as strongly as some others.... but hey, I ain't judging this week! Good work!