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You have a great writing style, but I am strongly opposed to the suggestion that Hitler had inner strength. In my estimation, he was the biggest coward in history. I'm probably missing something here...
WOW! Shock factor! This is incredible. Great job. I loved how you twisted inner strength and showed how someone can still receive inner strength through other sources. And ultimately, the death that comes when we turn to other sources for our strength. Incredible. One note, I was confused when satan appeared. I thought satan was the person in the story until a few sentances later. But besides that, great job!
Excellent writing and progression of story!

I would liked to have seen more of Hitler's alliance with Satan. I know you were going for the shock factor which worked great - but since Hitler represents all that is evil, your message could have been stronger about the difference between evil power and Godly strength by weaving Satan in there a few more times.

Great word useage and visuals!
WOW - this is incredible - definitely no fan of Hitler, but I don't think he was coward. I liked the way you intertwined him with Satan.
You teetered at the brink of giving Hitler positive qualities (determination, courage), but I think you pulled it off by the end of your piece. Definitely a shocker, and thought-provoking!
Oh wow. You have gone out on a limb with this - and you have really pulled it off. This is powerful and evocative; I love the crafting of the words (a couple of nit picks about word choice perhaps) but this is tight and the message is clear. I would really like to see this expanded to give a little more room to the relationship between Hitler and Satan. My deepest respect to you for this. Excellent. God bless.
I am speechless over the masterful way you showed that a person who is forever linked with evil has a type of inner strength, but not based on the proper foundation. Wow!

I agree with the thoughts about the interaction between Satan and Hitler. A little more would have shown us Hitler's descent into the occultic foundation of his Nazi Socialist government.

A very tightly worded piece! The competition in this level is definitely heating up!
Wow, again! What a stunner at the end!! Hats off to a very skillful writer!!!
Wow - I was completely surprised. The build-up was intense. Very skillful writing.
Fantastic Entry, perfect build up and you delivered at the end. Great read!
Masterfully crafted. Highly skilled writer. This is most excellent! Wonderful. :-)

That said, I didn't think the last lines fit the rest of the piece. You made your case effectively and dramatically without telling us the "moral" or "point" that you were trying to make. Trust me, the reader, to understand that which you so skillfully had just demonstrated. Is it enough to hurt your chances in the judging? I doubt it. I'd rate this high across the board.