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I didn't get the drift - but then I'm not an expert in prose; but thank you for sharing your thoughts.
I'm not sure I understood the first part as far as who was away or how that related to this, but I loved the last three stanzas - both the sentiment as well as the writing.
I'm so SORRY but I didn't capture where on earth this article was going from the start to the finish!!!

I have some idea of prose or poetry but I'm afraid in all honesty, I could not get into this one - sorry!

Please remember that "correction is not rejection", okay! God bless and keep writing, don't ever, ever, give up!!!!!!
I had to read this two or three times, but it very much grew on me. I agree, the last three stanzas are rather profound. Some of it was a bit puzzling, though...
Well, I read it once and believe it is referring to someone struggling to be strong in very bad situations, letting those situations overwhelm them, trying to rationalize why God would allow them to go through such hard times instead of using the strength he provides to pull them through. Someone who eventually sees the truth of the matter. Just because things are difficult doesn't mean God isn't there, just that he is there in a more profound way. I could be way off with this, but it wouldn't be the first time. I thought this was very well written!
The last section is particularly satisfying.
I understand that suffering
Does not exclude God's love,
But rather the depth of it
Breaks forth and reveals itself
As true.

This poem was rich with depth. It makes me ponder and that makes it a good read. IMHO
Actually, this seemed pretty straightforward. A person dealing with life alone, unable to express or experience joy / happiness turns instead to expressing pain only. Then the key stanza:

Though momentarily the themes of
My life may change,
My remorse is not
In wrenching trouble
But in trouble's seeming eternity.

It's not that there is trouble that causes the problem, but that the person choose to wallow and dwell on it ... trouble's last an eternity. BUT, the author has learned a new truth...God's love breaks forth and reveals itself during those times of troubles.

I think very well done... put together in a crisp precise way. Excellent job!