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I think you've hit the nail on the head regarding the topic,'fulfillment'. This is truly what the Lord means by it. We must be fulfilled with the joy He gives us and not expect others to fulfill us. Thank you for this reminder.
Just a bit of a reality check: wouldn't someone have called her at the retreat after the accident happened? You did a great job showing your protagonist's spiritual struggle. Great story!
Great story. I know how it feels to come home to a mess. ;-)
Ouch...I have been here before when extenuating circumstances kept the ones I loved from doing what I expected! Why is it we always jump to the worst conclusions! Thanks for the reminder and great story!
One more thing...I loved the way you talked about the retreat lady! Funny!
Great surprise ending. I was all ready to do battle...(sad but true)...until the "reason" for the negligence showed up. Enjoyed this and the lesson behind it. Very real (with or w/out the hubby's accident!).

My favorite part? Your references to 'Little Miss Perfect Retreat Lady!'

But Ouch! Good lessons to remember when we don't want too... and good dialogue. It makes the story.