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I absolutely LOVE your writing style! It is very charming and funny, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story. Good job.
Perfect! tehe (I'm owned by two BIG dogs!) Loved this one!
Absolutely charming, and just a great story from beginning to end! It's so refreshing to read about a dog (a Purpose-Driven dog at that) and not the usual cat story that seems to be par for the course on these pages. Thank you for this delightfully witty, wonderfully written story that sends a great message...Definitely an A+ in my opinion.
Just perfect! So witty and real. I loved every word.
And the winner is...
This is great! Well written and fun, with a good point.
Lovely writing, lovely reading! God bless.
(And very funny title!) ;-)
I still have a smile on my face from reading this! You definantly have a way with taking the simple things and making them hilarious! I'm jealous...maybe I should get me a purpose driven dog! You should think about making this a book!
Absolutely wonderful. If you don't win this Challenge, I'm going to have a "hissy-fit". Made my day.
What a fun read! Well-written too! Great work.
Loved it! Very refreshing. I have a feeling there's more Master's Level competition on the way. This is GOOD STUFF. :0)
Loved this! I hung on your every word. You have great style and voice. Made me want to hug my dog!
Just beautiful! I love it!
Well, what can I add that hasn't already been said? You're SAMson's master and now you'll be in the Master level . . . at least if you keep writing stories like this. Ummm . . . I hope you got rid of that boquet! Eewwwww Great job! Fun, fun fun!
Very cute and lighthearted but well as a bit touching. Awww, shucks...a dog is supposed to be a man's (I mean woman's) best friend, right? Entertaining and yet deep, somehow, even though I wasn't expecting it....

Good job. :-)
From the titlte to the ending, this was delightful.
No worries! What a cute story. I don't have any pets myself, but I have friends who find their companionship invaluable.
Hilarious!!! Recently God led me to my Purpose driven dog!!! as a 54 year old "single" woman who very reluctantly let go of desire for "human" husband...I've found HIM to be more than adequate. Funny, I just read in Dog's USA 2006 Annual that very same thing! What a small, small world. Wonderfully told, delightful story--thank you profusely.
I think this is the funniest article I've read at FW to date. You deserve a win on this one. It's classic and you have such an entertaining way of telling it. You sound like a delightfully, fun person.
Wow! Thanks so much. Reading this fun story was a highlight of my day. No joke. I LOVE it. Your style was informal, the message was fun and you brought it home. Great title!
This article is so clever! I liked the third paragraph about drowning self-pity in ice cream, SAMson's opinion of the bridesmaid's bouquet, and especially the ending, "Hakuna Mattatta." Very well written! The dog lover and owner in me enjoyed this!
That was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
Wonderfully written Teri; perhaps getting a cat would help him fulfill his purpose!

On second thought...nah.

When I was judging last week, I was laughing at loud while reading this entry. It's simply fabulous. The ending was terrific. I'm a huge Lion King fan! Great job. So excited you made the EC! You definately scored high points with me.
Oh! What a delightful story!! Love your style...can't wait to read more of yours! I'll have to read your stories out loud to Cosmo, my 'Heinz 57'! Congratulations on EC!
I laughed when I read this.Its a great article.Keep up the good work.