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I think we have all been there! It is very easy to think that everyone see things and responds to things the way we would like them to, not just allowing them to repsond in their won way. A very subtle look at slefishness.
You know in many ways, this was the most powerful read so far. And I'm making it a point to read ALL of them. Why? Because so often we assume people are selfish just because their style and ideas don't fit ours. We need to realize like this wife, that God doesn't tell us to judge how others serve him and that our job is to serve him and have the confidence God talks to those who listen. Just felt this was a very simple but powerful message.
Karen - this is a humbling story for all of us to put to practice in our own lives. It reminds me of the story about the young man who had no family and gave away his Thanksgiving Turkey bonus to a needy family every year. Well, one year, a co-worker decided to play a prank and put a bowling ball in the box instead of the turkey. The young man, completely oblivlious, eagerly went to give the gift to a family who had been on his mind for some time.

When they opened the box, they were horrified and shouted at the young man for being so inconsiderate. For them, the joke was not funny.

The young man was devasted. He had not ever even entertained the thought of "tricking" anyone, and he was also deeply hurt.

The moral - things are not always as they seem.

Just as in your husband's case, his intent was not diminished, but only different.

Thank you for the story.