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Wow! I was there every step of the way. Neat job of taking us down one road then revealing the real message. Great job of writing!
A few minor goof's such as an "our" instead of "out", and some words needing to be capitalized, but overall a very neat story, and well written. Interesting also. I liked it.
"Todd hung on and let the battle die." What a profound statement! Loved this.
Interesting story and great profile of the Type A personality. Good read, despite the afore mentioned typos in the early going. Been there, done that way too many times.- Doug
Got tears in my eyes at the end when dad realized that true fulfillment didn't come from winning but from love! Good story!
Nicely done, and with an excellent ending.
Liked this line: "Shame for his actions and pride for his skill fought their own battle."

Terri my friend, you had me in tears. Your story is truly about fulfillment reclaimed. Bless You!
I had tried to leave a comment earlier in the week, but it didn't show up, so here goes...
The topic 'fulfillment' was covered well, from what the world would consider fulfillment to what the parent heart sometimes loses track of in the sameness of daily life. Just a few thoughts: "Rarely, did he return home until well past dinner and was often served warmed up leftovers"...did you mean "Often he returned home well past dinner and was served warmed up leftovers..." I wonder what the wife's response to that was? I don't completely understand the FEARLESS contest. Were they doing a reality television thing, or was this a theme park amusement? What was so sad about this was that Todd related even this day of bonding and relaxation with his family to the adrenaline rush of his workday. I liked the following lines that drove home the point: "Could he beat his daughter? Should he even try?", "The goal was clear. A silly game but he had to win. He had elevated this adventure to the status of an end of the quarter closing report.", "Only then, did he realize he’d beaten his daughter with the same fervor he displayed in the office.", and the refrain "Was this fulfillment?" Good job! Really related to my family as my husband works three 12-hour shifts and one 4 hour day every week. Something gets sacrificed.