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How precious! A lovely story and very well written. Your story, however, made me feel guilty for hanging up on all those telemarketers. (Smile!) Great job
What a clever idea, and I love the little poem toward the end. Your dialog is realistic and well-written--thanks for this piece.
Excellent entry & very creative!
And so now I hope God helps him find a better job!! I refuse to feel bad for telling a telemarketer to take me off their calling list! How's that old Kenny Rodgers song go, "I won't bring you flowers anymore." Cute story though;) and well written.
Very well written story (although I did notice that Brian became "Brain" the last few times he was mentioned at the end... was this intentional??).

I could really relate - I worked at a telemarketer for about two weeks in college (definitely decided it was NOT for me). It's a tough world! (Although I was always grateful for those who nicely said no thank and hung up right away so I didn't have to keep reading my script and wasting my/their time).
Nice story!
Awwwww.......Sweet ending!! You left me smiling. :-)
Good job; it left me with a smile on my face, as well. I really, really lked the Shelly character--bold and unassuming at the same time. Good for her and good for you, too!
Nice job! I loved his dialogue...very real and with a sense of humor. I also liked the poem at the end...touched it off just right:)