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I think you have a good point here but if I were a teenager and read this it would make me angry. What you say is true about the "blame game" and people not taking responsibility for their actions-I agree but for them to change their lives we have to show them the truth wrapped in Jesus love. With some editing, I think this piece could be a good one and I liked the way you used teenagers from the Bible as examples.
Very well written, but the first half seems to imply that Joseph, Esther, and Daniel should have been convicted of some crime, if you follow your agrument to its logical conclusion. The writing here is extremely compelling; you're very good at drawing in readers and helping them to see your passion.
Your tone comes across a little harsh. Remember that 'there but for the grace of God'...go Joseph, Esther, or Daniel. They didn't prevail because of their own innate goodness...and the 'delinquents' of today, although responsible for their crimes, may naver have had the opportunity to hear the gospel (which of course indicts us, the church). Powerful writing, interesting point of view.
Enjoyed your use of Biblical characters. Not sure about the applications to modern situations...perhaps just letting the stories speak for themselves is a way to honor God's intervention in their lives. You express yourself well!
I see your point - that had Joseph, Esther, or Daniel lived in our modern society they would never be held reasponsible for any wrong doing (not saying they did anything wrong). It's a sad state of our culture that parent's have not taught their children to be reaponsible for what they do. Christian or not Christian, we have a generation that does not accept the results of their own actions because they have been allowed to 'get by' with wrong doing. (The 'my kid does no wrong' mindset prevalent today). I think this is well written, and whether some like it or not, it's a correct statement of modern day society.
I agree with most of the aboce comments.

True, it seems like this story is sad state of our society, but not true everywhere.

I work with teens daily. Daily I see their struggles, their joys, their triumphs and their pain. Through their good choices and wrong choices, I will choose to stand by them. I will offer encourage to those who ask, and show by example of what the joy, contentment and peace that comes to those who pursue Christ with everything they have. Many teens I know step up and take the blame for their own choices. Unfortuately, many teens don't and allow bitterness to rule thier lives.
One thing I know for sure,
I know evey single one of those teens would shutter at this story. They would feel betrayed, judged and probably call this hyprocritical. They'd find whatever fallicies they could with this. I'm not saying this piece is hyprocritical in the least, I am saying that the tone will send every teen running for cover. They won't want to listen, and they'll want to reject the godly principles included in this powerful piece.

I must admit, you're an excellent writing for evoking such passion within your readers. That's the sign of a good writer. I hope you never change the passion and honesty you write with, I only hope you're able to see the incredible gold that comes from teens everywhere, even if you have to brush off the mud to see it.