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An interesting, emotion provoking read. This man is definately self-absorbed and selfish!
Extremely well written. Intense dialogue. Hands down one of the top three I've seen in this competition. Amazing.
Man, you scare me. But since that was the point, I'd say "Hurrah!" Great imagery, tight dialog, not too preachy.

This was disturbing, but mesmerizing. He paints a dark picture only for it to be luminated with good in contrast. Excellent writing. Unlike anything you'll find here.
Great word choices throughout. Very effective presentation. Unnerving, but hey, who says life isn't sprinkled liberally with horrors? Interesting that you chose to write it from the villians' perspective.

Good post, but if you don't mind, I don't think I'll be reading it over again...
I absolutely love your style! It is very hard to for me to slip into a first person narrative, but not with Under the East River. Great job, hope you win!
I've often wonder how I'd feel if I found myself in a bad situation. Would I hate the person? Could I maintain that God had a plan even for their life? Could I handle my fear and let God give me the peace? It was a hopping piece...
I want to know who wrote this piece! Amazing. Absolutely captivating, yet eerie at the same time. The imagination and detail are extraordinary and the different spin you put on this story, by having the first person as the villain. Wow. You have amazing talent. Also, I admire youre ability to step out of the box. This is definitely not one of the usual pieces I read.
Scary, yet effective. Great dialogue.
Nice imagery, after you are done reading you want to "shake" the evil off of your limbs... :D
Maxx, this article was made fairly true to life and the world's consequencial natural horrors. It made me most aware of our immense need for Jesus in our lives whether we portray the villian or hero. Jesus reaches out to both for he is no respector of persons.
God bless,
Congratulations on your big win! Fantastic piece and well deserved.
I especially liked "She spoke the words as if her entire life existed simply to utter them at that moment in time." Good job and congrats on your win!
I'm studying ALL your writings - I want to write like this! So vivid, so spell-binding, marvelous!
A well worthy winner in every way. This story has power to change lives in its lines. The end is so strong! I, like Amy, particularly love the line where you say "She spoke the words as if her entire life existed simply to utter them at that moment in time."

And the last line is great too. She closed her eyes and seemed at peace. Perfect! :) Come what may.
Congratulations! This is a powerful story, and reminder, of "the other side" and how the Lord wants ALL of us, no matter what our past, or present, circumstances are. We all have a story... Thank you.
All I can say is "Wow." Very chilling and true. Loved how you brought in faith in Jesus Christ. Beautifully written - from a Christian perspective; descriptive, chilling and lurking - from a world's point of view. You kept me going till the end, holding on to every word.
I've been meaning to formally congratulate you, Maxx. Your talent shines in every article or story you write. I love your ability to dig deep and describe everything with the perfect selection of words. You are a true wordsmith; a writer who brings every feeling forth with truth and clarity. Congratulations on your awesome win! Jo
I know this post is much later than the rest, but I am new to this site and WOW! I am completely blown away by this story. This is the kind of writing that keeps me up late at night. Well done and congrats!!
Wow! I just came across this story. I've faced some devastaing circumstances lately and couldn't see how God could use these things. This story forced me to see [remember] that God can use any circumstance, even the most horrible, for His purpose. It has strengthed me at a time I have felt weak and helpless. Powerful!
Absolutely amazing! I finally decided to hunt this down after seeing it many times as the winning piece. A chilling story, powerful to the end!
First of all, Maxx, congratulations to you. You are a gifted writer. Jesus has great plans for you... and He loves you very much. He always has and always will.

It's a pleasure reding your work. This is very artistically worded and captures the attention of the reader. Good work.
First of all, Maxx, congratulations to you. You are a gifted writer. Jesus has great plans for you... and He loves you very much. He always has and always will.

It's a pleasure reading your work. This is very artistically worded and captures the attention of the reader. Good work.
Wow...That was really intense. Very creepy, also, but it was wonderfully written.
Maxx, Your piece inspires my soul to learn the craft of gifted writing. The character building, the plot, the suspense, all work towards challenging this writer. How do you write with such clarity? In someone life this is a true event. Now, you have given that person courage to trust Christ in that situation. Keep inspiring the newbies.
Maxx, I would rate your work among those of my favorite authors--Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. I hope you are considering being published. I would most definitely buy your stuff. It doesn't hide the true evil in the world, but the Light of the Lord also shines through your writing.

I'm not an expert at writing, but I'm an expert reader! And I would buy any book you decide to have published.
Wow. What a story. I saw it unfold as you presented it before me. Congratulations on your win and I hope it leads to much success. Best wishes.
Maxx, Being new here at FW, I have just now read your winning story. It is worthy indeed of its accolades. It was more than worth the time to look it up and read. Great job!! Doug
This is one of those pieces that a reader doesn't ever forget. I remember the first time I read this. My first thought was "What sucidal teen wrote this." It gave me chills and I hated it. But it drew me in. I read it again and again and again. I read this piece so many times and have read it many times throughout the past year. It's a masterpiece. It's no wonder it won the best of the best. I find it ironic that you never placed once, then you landed first and the best of the best award. How bizarre! Like I've said before, you write so out of the box, that people are drawn to you. I can't write like you, I've tried and realize that my style and my gift is extremely different from yours and yet, it still works for me. But because I can't write like you to save my life, I appreciate it even more.

I left a comment on this one before. Over a year ago. What I said then, I still think today. Congrats Maxx. I hope you use this gift full time. I read quite a bit, and you're better than most of the authors I saturate my mind with. (And no, I don't read romance! LOL)
By the way, someone compared you to Peretti and Dekker and as someone who has read almost all thier work, you're better. You have more talent and are more precise with your writing. Use it Maxx!
I have just joined FaithWriters and just this minute read your article. Wow! God's love is powerful, huh?! And you captured the essence of it!
Marjorie Patton