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Yikes! Good story. Poor fellow.

Didnt know Mt.Charleston had such caves. After writing this story don't expect me to accept an invitation to go caving with you!

Oooh ... creepy! An interesting plot ... good descriptions ... a neat ending ... but yikes!
Oh my goodness. This was so...I don't know if words can express what I think about this. Both horrifying, yet great. Interesting.
Maaaan, this one really stinks!

Just kidding, friend. I just don't think you get enough negative feedback and I wanted to compensate.

Great as usual!
Cool story - possibly one of your best!
Poefic rendition! : - )
Good job--it is much like the story by Poe and I like it!

What delicious characters! "The Cask of (Something-I-Can't-Spell)" indeed! Another top-notch story!
Boy Maxx - yours is a lot different than mine this week.

And would someone please give me a synopsis on the board? It reads like the MC planned and committed murder and that's kind of cringy to me. (even though they tried to go back - knowing the guy wouldn't)

I was spellbound and held captive not knowing where this was going. Superbly cringy and compelling!

But wait a minute ... was the MC Satan, luring the self righteous, greedy, hollow character to a place he knew the guy couldn't resist - gave him a chance to turn back - ... and then ... well ... I lose it at the chain.

If someone wants to PM me that's okay but there might be others who haven't read Poe's story too.

Dare I say it, afer last week's comments? Purrrfect. Pride really does come before a fall. :-)Or am I treating this one too lightly, mmm have to think about that.
Intense and vivid. Just an awesome story.
Had to be yours Maxx. Chilling and brilliant - of course
Strange, I didn't recognize the author....but the story was great!
I did wonder about the setting, though...would there be hieroglyphs in that location?
Here's a dark story...without the horror! Very well-written!
Nice story! An interesting read.
Compelling and vivid. What an end for this cheat. Very creative.
me, being the dense that i am, missed the connection with the Poe story until the very end. So after I got over my horror and realized what was happening and what was going to happen, I gave my applause. Kenn said it was one of your best. I agree in your top 5 for sure. This was written as an expect. Polished to a "t." I actually think I like your story better than the orginal. How did you get this idea?The characters were incredible. very well written. Masterful as always.