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very interesting take on the word 'lock'.
Oooo, very clever. I think it would have been even cooler if you had not said any names, but let the reader figure it out on their own. Well done!
Not such a simple lock of hair after all. Good job, and in so few words too! Congratulations.
Where are all the Commentators? No challenge to write this week - they should be out in droves commenting on these great articles this week! This one is exceptional! Short! Great idea! Great title! So well written and my only suggestion - Footnote a Scripture from whence this was taken. Super take on Topic...and brilliantly done!
For a short article, this says a lot. I agree - leave out names, but add a Scripture reference. Very nicely done - it locked up my attention :)
Yes! Very creative take on 'Lock.' And good job of it too! Good strong entry for your first time in level 3 - really, really good!
I like your use of alliteration: severing and slicing, falling and floating, twisting and turning. Wish more people would pay attention to choosing just the right words!
Wow! This was fantastic!
Lovely writing, and because it was so short it was very tantalising. I agree - leave ou the names, tantalise us into working it out, and give a Bible ref for those who can't decode it or who want to re-read it.
Very creative...well done
A very good write from the first to the last word.
May God Keep Blessing You!