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Wow - this is incredible! I like that you didn't name the addiction so you have a broader audience. There are many out there who would find hope in these words. This honest, heartfelt writing is a true blessing.
This is a fabulous article. I've been there and cried out to God and he's helped me through my own struggles. You wrote incredibly. You described eactly what happens.
Yes, many indeed could identify here, I'm sure. The way you've woven the pattern on the wallpaper throughout is quite effective. Well done.
Such a true and vivid account of OCD's! Wow! Great job! And thanks for the hope that escapes the grasp at those seemingly uncontrollable moments. Really a good job!
Very-well written! The way that you've left it open-ended lets the reader put himself/herself in Theresa's shoes. I, myself, thought of something that I've faced.
Beautifully written; however, what was "her problem"? It didn't seem to bother the above commenters, but it did me. I couldn't relate until I knew what was eating at her. And it had something to do with her husband...cause she finally contronted him. Still, a good job.
Very well done! I like the inclusion of the wallpaper as almost a "character" in your story--hard to pull off, but you did it.
Is Andrew her husband? I was confused - not sure what the issue is - - abuse? Interesting and leaves me wondering.
Some really good things here, but I think you need to be more consistant with either the -'s and the ...'s. I understand why you used them, to help accentuate the fragmented thoughts, which were really well done. Very good descriptions and intense internal dialog.
I really liked the way her world shrank to the room she was in as she wrestled internally - and everything outside that room seemed bizarrely off-kilter
Amazingly written! Internal struggle is difficult to really communicate creatively and believably and still keep a reader's interest, but you've done such a wonderful job on this!! skillfully crafted!!