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A great rendition of the Christian struggle, to get beyond the sins of our passed by true acceptance in Christ.. The devil is always quick to drag us down, even claiming we are beyond God's love... A very good piece, and well written.. Good Job.
A very honest story that many can relate to. I like the ending that doesn't jump to a happy resolution but instead paints a more honest answer.
Wow ... this is very special. I'm glad it didn't predictably end with a pat happy ending ... and yet there is an element of hope with her holding the key. Well done.
Either the author of this piece has "been there & done that"...or, this is an excellent writer who has made this reader believe that she HAS "been there/done that". Very good! An nicely written.
Very well done.
This is accurate to a T. The wall keeps others from hurting you, but you are totally isolated. You not only can't be hurt but you can't give or receive love. Only Jesus can give you the strength to take those bricks down one at a time. Many may not understand your story, others will know they are not alone and there is help. Great job of writing this.
I agree - perceptively written
Very cool. Thank you for sharing your work. Best wishes.
This sounds so familiar. I spent years behind similar walls of my own construction - but they looked so good from the outside! No one knew my pain but me. I was alone.
Thank you for this message of hope, and I love the line, "My child, in your clenched fists you hold the key," it brought tears to mye eyes.

God bless,