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A very unusual take on the topic "Lock"...but very interesting to read about other cultures. Thanks for sharing.
I wish there was enough word count to let us know a tad more about how she came to know God! Great build up to 'the rest of the story.'

I enjoyed learning the way this culture protects their children and how her whole family participated - especially the godmother. Facinating - and well written! Creative take! Loved it!
Really fascinating. Drew me right it. Could this be a Sally story? Whoever you are, great job!
Like Pat, I'd like to know how this girl found the true God, but it was fascinating and wonderfully written.
Wow. Is this really what happens? I found it very interesting, yet I would have liked to hear more about her surrendering herself to God...maybe write a sequel? Great job!
Beautiful! You gave her an awesome voice, and I was totally satisfied with the ending. Great writing.
A fascinating story from another culture! You've created a strong sense of place, I could visualise the whole thing, and given the character an authentic voice.
How interesting. And I think nicely tied in at the end
Fascinating!! I love this story. It makes my heart ache for those who are searching for the safety of a loving God. What skill and sensitivity you have used in writing this excellent piece, Suzanne! It's perfect in every way!
This was really interesting and enjoyable to read. I could just picture the little girl running around with her coins jingling around her neck as a toddler and the excitement as she ran with out them. Great job!
Very interesting & well written.
Extremely interesting and very well written! I'm glad she learned the truth! Great job!
Ooooo, I loved this glimpes of another culture. Well done.