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Wonderful! Opened up to me the gospel in a new way without being 'preachy'. thankyou.
This was a tremendous entry. I kept hoping the young king would get the picture but he never did. Your knowledge of history was used perfectly and the reversal at the end which applies to us was superb. Blessings for the important picture you painted, and the lesson given.
I really enjoyed reading your article. I liked how you turned the tables when you talked about Jesus. It made me think of my own selfish actions and how sometimes someone esle suffers from them.
I knew where you would take the story and yet, felt my heart reach out to the whipping boy just the same. Excellent read
Reminiscent of the novel "The Whipping Boy." I read it to a group of youngsters in summer school several years ago and the impact was great, as your article will be in the lives of your readers.
Connie, this is a touching story. Although I knew that "whipping boys" were a reality in British Monarchy, this hit home a wonderful point. Christ, who was innocent, was the "Whipping Boy" for us, the guilty; yet, like the little whipping boy in the story, Christ never condemned, only loved. Great story.
This is a wonderful story! Thanks for the history lesson and the wonderful tie in with Christ. Awesome.