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Excellent. This piece is definitely in the right category. Very well written. Some of my favorite lines:

>> ...there is a maid in this story me, but Im no Marian.<<
>>...a more modern structure trying hard to look like it belongs.<<
>>...committed their souls to God and their ragged tents to the ground.<<

Thanks for posting - this one is terrific.
I loved this, mainly because I loved your writing- great phrases in there. I'm pressed for time and only pausing to read and comment on the ones that I think are GOOD and yours is one of them!
There is a similar spot in Alabama where I've never been, that draws me to grandparents I never knew. I didn't think anyone would understand until I read this!
Thanks... I really liked it.
Very good--an interesting combination of serenity and wit. Unique writing style, refreshing to read.
I really enjoyed your story (no just because I'm Canadian) you made some valid points and I liked how you used the topic.
I liked this. You hae a very engaging style.
You have made even a cemetery sound inviting! LOL! I especially loved this line - There is something about resting in a spot where time stands still, where no one locks the gate, where crickets and cows are the only travelers passing through. Great writing!

A wonderful twist on the topic -well done!
Very nice! I had a problem getting into at first (with the first paragraph), but was able to get into and liked the wit and ideas you presented. Well-written!
I like it. I could see the graveyard, smell the fresh air and feel the cow pie stuck to my shoe ... Good story.
I must agree that this is great writing. I've experienced the grace of knowing all four grandparents and also a great grand ma...and now my kids have their grand parents and three great grandparents too... that I never thought of wishing I were somewhere where I've never been with some one close yet never knew. A new idea to ponder upon. Good writing..... Keep on...
I agree - this is EXCELLENT!

As far as the challenge goes, 'lock' stars in many different ways, and they're all so beautifully expressed.

As far as life outside the challenge goes, I think this would be lovely to share with relatives. I don't know if I'm game to write this next suggestion, and it won't be relevant for a great many years yet anyway. But I think it would be beautiful to have printed on the order of service at your funeral. I know, I know ... it is a weird comment for a challenge article ... but your article is full of peace about eternity and the passage of time, and reflects you, who has also journeyed far away.

Just a thought! Maybe just share it with the relatives!