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The start of the article is somewhat confusing - very difficult to understand.
The reader would be put off from probably reading the whole page. I'm sorry but
please remember "corrrection is not rejection!"
God bless you.
Trying to get my mind around that first paragraph intrigued me to keep reading. I don't know how far into the story I was when it dawned on me: this is a character. And, then, of course the rest made perfect sense. Liking a mystery, I liked this!
I find this a bit confusing....doesn't seem to be clear and to the point. Sorry to disappoint.
I agree with the second comment - the mystery drew me in and kept me going. Is it God's creating the world? Is it a dream? Is it a baby? Ah - it is a work of fiction.

Although not very experienced (yet) in writing, I TOTALLY identified with the author getting caught up in the world she has created on the page, with the struggle to control the characters and yet the characters ultimately controlling their own destiny, the struggle she faced as she wrote those final words - THE END.

Overall, in my opinion, this is a unique take on 'entry' - I love it! I especially liked the way the point of view is of the story itself into which the author enters.
I too, struggled through it, trying to figure out what this was about. But honestly, I like that about it. I like that it took 'til near the end to figure out. This was really great. Well done! I'm gonna have to read it again. ;-)
A little confusing at first, but I didn't give up. I kept reading because I knew there had to be something to it. I am glad I kept reading. Such a creative twist...the perspective of the character being written about...shaping and reshaping Gabi until the story was complete. I loved the last part where Gabi went from being being written about to being read about. Good job!
I admire all those that struggled on through...I'm sorry, I gave up. There are so many entries to read...I figured I would go to some I understand ;and then perhaps returns and try again. This is Advanced, so I KNOW there's something there!
You made me think all the way through, and question and wonder, and guess wrong. I get the feeling that maybe this is a parable, for those who have ears to hear.

This takes the level of writing up a notch in originality. It's a different creature, like I've been looking for.

I enjoyed the mystery.
Write us another one!
Very interesting take on the topic! I think I figured it out about a third of the way through. I got it! :) Well-written, too!
I love it, absolutely love it.
In the beginning I was a little irritated that you referred to God as "she." I chose to keep reading...and realized that the author/creator in your story is ME!! Very different...very intriguing...held my interest. I liked it!
You have one fantastic creative ability. I had to work to understand what was going on but when I finally did, I had to sit back and be overcome with awe. Wow!
So wonderfully creative and fresh! I was with you from the beginning after a slight shift at first in thinking the creator was an actress ('stage right')before quickly realizing she was a writer. I loved this!
Definately creative. Very very good. My only concern is that I didn't get hooked enough by wanting to find out what the story was talking about. I ALMOST stopped. Glad I didn't. Very nice ending. and I can relate! :-)
Whoa! Deep, creative, and an exceptional read. I so enjoyed this - especially the second time! This is great Val!
I like it. It kept me wanting to read. Good job.
Wow! This was great, Yeggy! I was intrigued with the opening paragaphs thinking that you were refering to a babe within the womb, but very quickly it became clear that it was a character - and yes, we've all learnt that characters have a mind of their own! I loved it. Well done!
This is brilliant - so creative - and thus reflects the creative mind of its creator!

My favorite part: "‘I can’t help it. The ideas are falling over each other. I have to get them out. Down. Or I will burst. You know that about me. You know that’s how I am. I can’t change the way I’ve been wired.’"

I've been THERE. :-)