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Very nicely done. This statement was particularly powerful: "Why do young children have to die because of mans stubbornness? Couldnt Pharaoh just do what God required?" Good job.
I liked this very much - so vivid - really made the story come alive. Only their faith in Jehovah (and his faithfulness) would see them through the night. Great stuff
Nicely done...I felt I was right there! I liked the following example of doubt and God's own people bolster each other in the midst of trying moments:

My eyes have seen so much in these days. Amazing things, frightening things but this is almost too much for any man to bear. What if it doesnt work? What if our precious son is taken too?

He turned to her for comfort pulling her into an embrace, his soul longing for her words of strength.

We must believe. He has protected us beforeJehovah will protect us now. Come, sit and let us eat.