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Fascinating. You held my attention all the way to the unexpected and astonishing end. Well written.
I like the atmosphere in this piece. I aspecially loved the ending. Nice always.
Wow... you held my attention all the way through. For some reason, the title caught my eye and I wanted to see what it was about. What a thrilling, suspensful story!
Wow. Just wow. I think I know who the author is on this one. It was well written and very creative!
This was excellent. The "circular scar" tells all.
Great one! It practically begs to be a movie. Really wonderfully written.
Congratulations on your commendation! It's well-deserved for this intriguing story!
Phew - my heart is racing! Good impersonation of the English gentleman. The 'torch' thing threw me temporarily ... we Aussies (and Brits?) use that term for what North Americans call flashlights ... but the smoke thing clued me into it being a 'flaming torch'. You set the scene well. Well done.
Great job! I kept seeing scenes in my head from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"..
I can really see this as a movie... Congratulations on your well deserved win! Kate~
Yes, I was thinking Indiana Jones, too! This is quite a tale with various layers - inviting the reader to explore their own inner chambers. Great job!