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Well written, cute story with a touch of humor...and I enjoyed it immensely! Loved the idea of "winter motel" and liked your laid back "good morning" to the litle creature after your fears had dissipated. Great Read!
Cat would have been cheaper than the rat zapper.
I think you have an extra "not" in your quote.
Fun story.
I've had mice (actually a hamster that escaped from someone else's apartment), roaches, bats and snakes - I feel your "pain", But the conclusion is right - God is bigger than them all. Well done.
I loved this, especially the bit about the prayer request. So funny, and with just the right kicker to tie it all together.
Nicely done. I hate mice so it was hard to read :) and the way you finally let go of the fear helped!!:)
Very cute story with a very good point. I especially liked the part about the, "useless $44 Rat Zapper gadget"...heh. Yeah, my family has been tricked by one of those before, too.
Well written and enjoyable article, I take no pleasure in rodents, either. Loved the humour and the different ways you described them.
Very good! Nice humor! In my opinion: KILL THE LIL VERMIN!!! lol! Good job!
Totally awesome! I've shared your experience, mouse-wise and God-wise, and His ability to care for us never fails! Good job, great story.
You expressed this so beautifully! And I loved the moral you brought out of it!