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This one had me teary-eyed as I could "feel" your words as I read them. Many will be able to relate to this piece, I'm sure. God has a way of "showing up" at just the right time when we need Him most. This piece is a beautiful reminder of that.
Very nice!! Loved how you started and ended it. It flowed nicely and made me 'feel' her emotion.
Very touching ... and it was great the way you came full circle. Well done.
I liked this, but would have liked more explanation as to why she felt like she shouldn't have been born. Was she adopted or did her parents wish they'd gone through with an abortion? A little back ground would help to add depth to the pain. I really liked her own story coming back to bless her through the blessing it gave her reader. :)
A friend gave me a coffee cup with: ‘Good Morning, this is God!
I will be handling all your problems today.
I will not need your help –
So, have a good day.’ on it. The cup serves as a constant reminder that I'm not in charge, either of how I got here, when I leave here, or of anything that happens inbetween. What a blessed relief. Good job.
Wow, great job, gave me goosebumps!! I really appreciate you unveiling her inner struggle so accurately. Only nit--I would've left off the italic "I'm the dog who..."--I already got the earlier reference and felt it was more subtly powerful.

The Scripture she received as the other person's signature floored me! So true--just the way He works! =)
Yes, good one. Isn't that just like God- sending a word when we need it. A few sentences could be rewritten for smoother reading, but I liked it a lot. Good job.
I loved it...the way it was structured as well as written! This one will make many think. I hope this makes it to the top, too. Jo :)
Such a gripping portrayal of a mindset that haunts so many people today. You've captured the tortured self doubt that can only be reversed by looking into the true mirror...Jesus Christ. Wonderful story!
This is great! I love it all, but especially your exploration of her wounded spirit in the beginning, and your compelling title.
I know. I understand.
A wonderful illustration of how God's word is often like a blazing diamond in the mud - and how He steps in sometimes to help us find it. Very well written.
A griping entry.I felt the emotion all through, you wrote from the heart.
Well written, a touching story of how God can change a heart.
Strong writing as always. You are very smooth and take the time to really polish your work up. Excellent emotion and resolution is right on. Great!
Very realistic and pertaining to life's struggles and temptation. Your point is very clear and conveys the message that heart of hearts each one is longing to call out 'Abba Father'. Maybe it's encouragement that one needs in times of stress.

Good work! Praise God.
I am so glad I read this piece tonight. I needed to be reminded that my Daddy has it all in control. Love you, Pat. Thanks.
Confirmation that our writing does affect lives...sometimes even our own!! Well done - I enjoyed reading this, Pat. :-)