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You've hit on a very true and common addiction, (as I'm typing this at midnight). Anything that gets in the way of God is a sin, such as typing comments to stories late at night instead of listening to comments from God. (Ouch! My heart was just pricked.) Thank you for the reminder. I'm going to check on my E-mails from God now. :>)
What a nightmare! No computer?! What would we all do with ourselves?! hehehe

I think all of us can relate to this one! :o)
This is such an important article. I think anyone can relate to this piece. No one really speaks about the addiction to the computer/e-mails etc...I loved how you wrote this article. I could compeltely relate to your character. Great job!
"... And Deliver me from e-mail"
"I blew on my keyboard to clear a month's worth of built-up crumbs." Sadly, it sounds like my computer!

Anyway, I believe this hits many of us. I know I can sometimes become a little too addicted to being online when there are other things that need to be done.

Great piece that I think everyone can relate to at some point or another!
Boy! You had me going when they took away her computer! I thought NO WAY! :(

Once again, a fantastic job about a poignant message. One I personally DON'T relate to, but I'm sure there are some who will. Absolutely loved the last lines. Great job!

Very, very good! I felt a definite twinge of anxiety when they took her computer away--really could relate. Thanks for the gentle nudge.
I'm sure this hits home for many! A reminder I need every now and then. Enjoyed your well-written story as usual. :) Jo
Too close to the truth for my liking......

Great writing, just the same - with a real punch!
Great story; however, I'm going to disagree with everybody else a little; The computer has brought me closer go God, comforted me by FW stories of like Christians & has made me weep or laugh, or go to my Bible to check out the story myself - and perhaps I do stay on too long reading ...but it sure beats the Violence, Sex and infidelities on TV!
Yes, I can relate...but it has helped me cope, helped my walk with God, and encouraged my faith! Nice job!
That was great -and a little scarry! lol - well done! :)
Best of both worlds ..., baby! ;-) Nice story, the only thing that sank it for me was that it turned out to be a dream. Could have had a stronger if the Mom had held up the Bible and said "Look, you've got messages here, too." Or something like that. But great lesson as always, and, of course, polished writing. Congrats!
This is a good reminder about balance. I agree with Marilyn about all the blessings that come with the computer. It is a wonderful communication tool, and we are all in the communicating business, as writers and as Christians. Thankfully, we can heed warnings, such as this story, so we don't become workaholics and miss Jesus invitation to "Come away and rest awhile." Great writing---thanks!