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Wow! This was great! What a grasp on this whole situation. 'Brown stain?' It figures! :) Everything about this story worked perfect.
Gotta love the way you handle the escalating dramatic disasters in Zeke's life. Very visual piece, loved the description of him at the end of the day. Also, like the way you understate things like the brown stain. (Would like to have known what the stakes were for Zeke when Jack Adams leaves the office. Stakes rise for Zeke if we know he is a very important client.)
"Hezekhiah 3:16"!
Welldone, Thumbs up for you.
Good story! A winner at the top of my list!
Lovely. As one who gives, but doesn't ask well, I can empathize. Great reminder well written.
lol... this is really good. I can relate to some of that! Won't say which, though! ;-)
Hooray. You had me giggling all the way through. Needed a laugh today, Suz. Thanks.
Independence at its best!!! Poor guy...he really did need a helper. :-)

Hafta tell my own hubby was watching our first-born son when he was about a year old. I came home to find Daddy snoring on the couch, all the toxic cleaning supplies out of the cabinet on the floor, and a very sorry looking little boy with a loaded diaper hanging the ground toddling forlornly around the house. I figured he was just "too much" for his poor old Daddy.... LOL

Enjoyed the way you managed the progression of this story...and how you framed it!!

Very ironic the way you've made the title to be like a quote from a book of the Bible to make your point.
Ironic in a awesome way. Even after all this time writing, you're still finding a way to maintain fresh and original!
I don't understand whether Hezekiah is a made up dude or if you're contrasting some other story.
Surely I've heard of no Hezekiah (shows what I know).
Excellent moral.