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I enjoyed the writing very much, wow-what passion-thanks for thughtful writing.
Well done, with a good message.
Well said. Something even we who don't sit down to thousand-dollar-a-plate meals should remember. Good job.
Good messages from beginning to end and weaved together so well. Good job on this!
A great way to make your point and to entertain us at the same time. The irony of the middle section is expecially good and beautifully written.
This is a wonderful story. I think it shows society's problem extrememly well. A problem fueled by lukewarm Christians and hearts 'waxing cold.' Thanks for being bold enough to say it like it is. May it bring conviction to us all to 'do' rather than just see and feel sympathy. Great writing!
Great title and concept.

I agree with your main idea, but I would add that when people really truly pray, perhaps then they do also get involved in other ways. In any case, I totally agree, assuming that you mean the rich are going through the motions of prayer only.

Just my 2c worth ... from someone who works with a 'humanitarian association'!

I loved the contrast between the paper cups and the wine goblets!