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Beautifully done. The line that moved me most? "Were the whole world crucified on that cross with him, the price in blood could be no more." Thank you.
This is lovely and ought to be published in a magazine for Easter. I think the lack of comments has resulted from its place in the middle of the list and a boring title. The article is awesome.
This is exquisitely written, the best I've read from this man's POV. Something to consider: without the last two lines, it's a stream-of-consciousness piece. But when you put in the last two lines, it begs the question: who's he talking to? When did he write this? Just something that was pointed out to me when I wrote a similar piece. I think it's VERY strong without those lines.
Powerful! It touched my heart deeply. My favorite line...
"I deserve no such love, no such grace, but still I ask."
I know to whom it was written. It was written to ME, and it was written in the heart of each be read upon the recognition of their sinful state and need for the Saviour. God bless you...Kate~
I agree with Jan - this is the best version of this man's story I've ever read. Absolutely amazing! One correction, 3rd paragraph: conscience, not concious. This is winner's circle material for sure - and so much further beyond that.
Beautifully written account from the viewpoint of the repentant thief. You've skillfully captured details and images that bring these moments to life. Wonderful piece!
"I see a stream of red coursing through the mud. It flows bright and unstained. ... But rather than swirl in the puddle, this blood washes away the dirt like a river or a cleansing spring. ... Even in my agony I am amazed at the amount of blood that flows. Were the whole world crucified on that cross with him, the price in blood could be no more." Beautiful, just beautiful.
My humble opinion would be to omit the last paragraph, perhaps review the title, and submit this to be published (unless of course you win EC which is quite likely considering the calibre of this piece). Well done.

P.S. Meant to say that this is the first entry so far that has moved me to tears. The church and the world need to read articles like this!
Very well done -vivid descriptions. This one is yet another to give me chills this week.
Glory! I love that you wrote this first person. His story is ours. Impressive and inspiring work!
What a great piece. This should surely be a winner.