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This is great! Wonderful storytelling. Bless that dear police officer, and bless you for writing this piece.
I like the way you handled this piece. There is reason in her madness as the bard would say.
I enjoyed this piece. Thank you for the sesitive way you handled it, and the dignity you managed to convey.
What a wonderful job you have done in getting us into Minnie's mind. And the peek at compassion that we saw in the police officer was beautifully done. Blessings.
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! A definate winner. I was so into this- it really moved me. Good job.
How confusing and sad for our elderly, even not so elderly, facing Alzheimers. Very well written, you pulled us right in to her thoughts and feelings. I'd guess this is marketable, it certainly helps us to see inside the minds of those facing this dilemma. Good job!
Beautifully done. You really took us into her world, and I loved your descriptions - the injured car, the soft and lovely unmentionables.

I love how the officer handled it, and I was moved to tears at the end. Replacing her slipper as if she were a princess was an elegant, poignant ending.

Thank you for sharing this story with such dignity and grace.
This was really touching and beautifully written besides. Well done.
Bravo! This was wonderfully and skillfully written. From the title to the ending, I was hooked. Congrats on placing 7th. It was well deserved.