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i loved the way that you provided a setting to explore the relationship between the husband and wife in such a postive way. I like happy endings and it looks like they will have one!
I think the mother handled the situation with much wisdom. God gives wisdom to those who fear Him and turn to Him for help. Tommy has a very good start in life.
This brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing the prayers of children, and someday I hope to see God's face when a child prays. Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

You wrote this so realistically! The mom did indeed handle the situation well, and Tommy's questions and reactions were very age-appropriate. Good job!
I love the way you handled the dialog. Very sweet story.
Very realistic. Unfortunately children - even very young children - do pick up on the tensions in a household and are often quite distressed when parents fight. I like the way you had the mum handle this. A good little lesson here.
I read the end first (bad habit) and thought it would be cheesy and unoriginal. Much to my surprise, its "unoriginal" ending was actually quite purposeful. Because of the nature of Tommy's age and understanding, the ending concluded simply for children and had greater meaning for adults.
Your message is great - a God-centered marriage is the way to a happily-ever-after marriage. My only suggestion is to try italics for silent prayers (like mom's) and thoughts. This works well to separate them from the dialogue. Well done!
A well told story -a real fear that a lot of kids unfortunately deal with (my sister told me she and her husband are one of three sets of parents in my nephew's class that are still married to the other parent!) Nicely done.
You tell a very real story. I like it.