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Good writing here. I enjoyed the personality that came through in these "end of life" musings. Good job!
Oh how I love this piece! I love your voice, I love the sweet, easy-rambling thoughts, and I LOVE how you wrapped it in "the end" and "the beginning". This is absolutely beautiful. You've got my vote for a placement.
Oh, how wonderful. I wanted to really go visit this sweet lady. A wonderful picture of how peaceful death can be when one walks with the Lord.
Beautifully done.
Very touching. Sweet conversation with Lord right before her homecoming. Your descriptions are wonderful. I especially liked:

"...and more freckles on his nose than bees in a September swarm."

Good job!
A wonderful life remembered (but one cute nitpic lol - well, speaking as a redhead, it must have been an orange "red" barn LOL, because as I used to say as a child, when people commented on my red hair, "It's not red, it's orange LOL -I've never seen anybody with hair the color of a barn he he ;)
Anyway, I loved her conversation with God.
Jan, your character is so real, so precious. It is a treat to read your work.
This is so precious. Even with the loss of her precious daughter, she had a satisfying life. Her end was her begining. Very good writing! My pastor who works with hospice patients would love this. He often tells us his stories. It's so beautiful to see a person 'ready' to leave this life, with no regrets. Good job!
Oh, I loved the title too!
Remarkable. What a lovely, lyrical quality in this beautiful story! It reminds me of James Weldon Johnson's 'Go Down, Death'. I love this piece that is so skillfully woven! Wonderful!!
You have captured so many feelings here. It's truly beautiful. I hope the end of my life is as precious as this. God bless you... Kate~
Beautiful piece. This is a woman who has lived a good life and looks forward to meeting Jesus.Well written:)
She felt so real and likable, I wish I had known her better before she died. :)Great writing. I loved her personality that you made shine through this wonderful piece.
Wow! The old woman's personality just shines through your words. I really enjoyed reading this. And would you believe it, we've even heard of "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" downunder! LOL.
Great writing!
I really liked the beginning and end ... err, the other way around. Perfect bookends. Great job!
A delightful glimpse into final thoughts in this life...thank you for writing so peacefully.
It was hard not to get drawn in to this woman's "last moment" conversation with God. I almost felt like I was eavesdropping! LOL. Wonderful writing - great voice. Well done!
Very nice. You put me into the final thoughts and emotions before death. Good job.
Just magnificent. Congratulations!
Great story, Jan! I hope my "end" is as relaxed as hers! Congrats on the win, too! Well deserved.
Congrats Jan. This is a beautiful story. I loved the end... or was it the beginning?
Hooray! I love this like ice cream with a cherry on top! ;)

Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations.
Congratulations, Jan, for your Great Win!
Just so awesome on so many levels. What a story...a real gripper!!! Loved every word. :-)
Congratulations,on a beautifully written piece.
Congrtsulations Jan. You definitely deserve this first place. It's beautifully portrayed and conveys a message too. Praise God !
Wow! That is just fantastic! I got chill bumps reading it! Sounded like a true southerner to me! Congratulations on the win! It is well deserved!
This is beautiful, sad and sweet all wrapped together. I pictured myself as the old woman with my grandson sitting by my side. I could feel what she was feeling. Great job. I can see why you took first place!
All I can say is...AWESOME!!Congratulations, Jan, on another deserved win!
wow... you amaze me over and over! I hope someday, I can write as well.