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This was hysterical. The first half had me laughing out loud. However, I'd try to state your "point" a bit more clearly in the last paragraphs. It was a great point. It just took a bit to make the connection (for me at least.)I enjoyed the article though. Thanks.
I loved this, it was hilarious! It calls to mind some of the work of my favorite humor writers. A great way to get across such a vital message, and you're right, a balance is needed.
Thanks for sharing.

God bless,

I love this! Where are all the commenters? Very, very funny--I love your sense of the ironic--and then you pack a punch at the end. I wasn't expecting a spiritual application, and you snuck one in beautifully. One of my favorites of this type ever.
I loved it! From the chaotic to the was delightful! There were the chuckles in the beginning, then the lump in the throat at the end - when I thought of that great feast Up There! A Wonderful, very well written piece on our Journey's Reward at the end of our tour on planet Earth. Kudos!