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I absolutely love this one. Well-written. Made me laugh in places like when you refer to "more mundane activities"- the egg watching sounded mundane enough! Also the speaking in monosyllables and the wife's reaction. It all reminds me of myself when I'm really absorbed in a writing project. Good job.
The title is what attracted my attention. Wonderful story with a splash of perspective! Thanks.
I love it! The ending was perfect.
Nice twist at the end and nice moral. Well done! A real winner!

Absolute wisdom in this message. Oh, to see things and people through the eyes of God! Written superbly! Wonderful!
I loved this until I got to the end--and then I REALLY loved it! Fantastic!
You carried me right through. I got sucked into the household, walking around on eggshells (if you will) with the wife and staff, and then eagerly anticipating the great revelation. And what a great revelation it was. AWESOME!!!
Wonderful message in this skilfully told tale. Well done.
Wow -this was cool. I was wondering where it was going. I half expected someone to cook the egg by mistake ;) very well done :)
I loved that you wrote about something as simple and potentially boring as an egg, yet caused your reader to be completely involved and engrossed. I was wondering if it was going to be a picture of a chicken as a humorous ending. Your bird completely surprised me with the deeper meaning. Great story!

(There was one typo I caught, just FYI. You typed that he HIDE himself away, instead of HID.)

Absolutely delightful! I love this one too!
Wonderfully written, I was drawn in immediately and could picture what was happening throughout - except to guess how it might end! What a wonderful ending and a superb message.

Reminds me of the newer Veggie Tales video, A Snoodle's Tale. :)

Don't you just love God's perspective?
Such a delightful take on the topic "end"! God sees us as we will be when we have produced what our potential was to be and after we have been honed, sculpted, and perfected! A great write, and a terrific read! Thank you.
I love it - both the content and the style of writing - well done!
Lynda, this is wonderfully creative. Please do not give up entering the challenges!