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Powerful! Provocotive. I could feel the pain through your words. And the relief of the victory. Excellent.. my favorite line ~ "My impulse is to jump out of this fiery furnace."
A difficult, wonderous read! This should be submitted somewhere to minister to others. And Wow! Powerful, honest and caring. You did an excellent job on such a sensitive subject. Great work!
An intimate, powerful look into the heart of a woman fully submitted to Christ. The power of this testimony will change lives. I praise God for the life it has already saved.
Powerful stuff. Wonderful and horrible at the same time. It is the edgy stories like these that are the most thought provoking. Very impressive.
Wow, Crista! I'm blown away by the measure of grace you have been given. This is one awesome piece of writing.
Okay, I'm sitting here bawling - for all you've been through, for your strength to endure, for God's amazing victory in your husband's life, and for your bravery in baring your soul like this. I pray that your story touches many lives, bringing hope to those who are suffering the same situation. Bless you!!
Oh Christa .... oh Christa......

You told me in your email that this entry was so difficult for you to write. I can understand. Wish I could hold you ... but will trust that God did that.

I agree with your analysis in your hint. Once more time through to polish it up a bit more. Get rid of the alliteration type issues at the beginning, things like that. And I also agree that the ending could be a bit longer to provide a better balance.

That said, nothing can overshadow the strength of teh emotion that you poured onto the page. This is excellent excellent. Both message and method. You've done well.
A very well done lesson - If more people had faith like the wife, maybe there would be fewer divorces.
Oh wow - I hadn't seen your hint until after I read this (and the other comments). God is going to use this to really minister to others. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life.
The paragraph that I identified with most was this:

"Self-righteousness rises up in me like a monster. Its talons of control and manipulation threaten to strangle my husband as I try to be his preacher, teacher, and Holy Spirit."

What a precious piece of writing. We applaud you for your willingness to share this piece of yourself, and your (plural) breaking and remaking.

May the Covenant Keeper be glorified in your marriage ... and kudos to you, too, for what you've been enabled to endure. You're an example to many, both in writing (you know I love your writing) and life.
Wow, I am in awe of the ability you have to use words and paint such a heartbreaking picture that draws the reader in so deeply that he/she feels that the story is theirs. There are so many lines where a well-chosen word or two has lifted it out of the ordinary:
"talons of control and manipulation", "a doormat to wipe the filth of harlots on." And the last paragraph I thought was perfect.
I hope you take the comments from others to heart and prayerfully consider submitting this somewhere. Even those in 'good' marriages have times when they would rather hate than love and can only show love because of God's grace. I firmly believe that this piece would bless all married persons.
Again, well done, Crista.

Oh Crista...

I don't even know what to write. Just thank you.

How did I miss this one?

My tears are making this hard for me to type. You really touched me with this phenomenal piece. This needs to be shared to give hope to others who are where you been. This is exactly the kind of thing I have been searching for and have never found. God bless you.
Dear Crista! You have so eloquently captured the pain and despair of this woman. And also her very real faith and hope in the One who can heal all wounds. Heartwrenchingly honest! Captivating writing!