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Your description of her emotional state was very vivid.

I am not sure that picture of walls being knocked down really appealed to me. I would rather prefer to think of the walls being gently dismantled by both characters working together.

I recognise the tendency to hide behind walls to protect ourselves.
I love this! It seems as if we all build walls at one time or've done a great job of depicting this woman's walls, and their dis-assembly!
This line spoke to me: I didnt build the walls to hide behind. I built them to see who would care enough to break them down. Rightly or wrongly, this statement depicts reality. But when someone comes along and cares enough to work at the wall, that person's a "keeper". Good job.
The title really set this piece up perfectly. Then the story delivered. Captured emotion well and had a good message of hope. Great job!
Very well done, very real and relatable for anyone who's ever had a broken heart.
I really liked this story - and I can't believe it was written by a man! That's impressive, Jim!!! You've really captured her emotions and turmoil.
This is beautiful! Really beautiful!! Well done, Jim!