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Lots of good emotional things happening here and a good reminder that whatever end of a spiritual encounter we are in on, the "problem" person and the problem "solver" both get blessed. I liked how you handled the ending as well.
Wow! I loved this whole story, and the way God moved in mysterious ways here. You had that so perfectly right to the end, and I followed along very smoothly. Could almost be a surprise ending too. Sure surprised me how good it was! How awesome! Great work on the writing too. God bless ya, littlelight
I liked the story very much, and I really liked how honest the characters were which made them sympathetic and believable. God bless.
Wow, you packed a lot into just 750 words! Very realistic characters, believable plot. Good job!
Great concept here! I think your opening paragraph was a little convoluted, but I quickly got into the story and found myself emotionally involved. Great job!
A lot of good things here. A little predictable, but still well done :) The characters were well developed.
So I'm a sap! I really liked this and I didn't guess the ending until she read what was on the paper. Good stuff!
I loved this. As a staunch Pro-life supporter, I love the way you showed that there is always a way with the Lord...and that each life is precious in His sight.
Good job! I really felt like I was there with these two real life characters. Great ending!
Very good story. I liked this! Keep up the good work!
You did a good job with this. Because you only have 750 words, it is easier to focus on just one aspect of the story; that way you can pack more into it. With this entry, you could have left out the trailer park, her mom etc, and just focused on the interaction between the counelor and the girl.
Sally said what I was thinking. The overall story was a good one but so much was going on in this short piece that I got a little distracted. The statement that you were mad at God seemed inserted and could have been detailed a little more. Like Sally said, focusing on one aspect might have worked better. But still, your writing talent shines through loud and clear. Thanks for posting! :-)