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Not being familiar with combat terms, this was a little difficult for me to follow (took a couple re-reads)but it captured my attention enough to stay with it. Powerful demonstration of the need to get past the fear of sharing Christ with unbelievers. You just never know...even at home on friendly turf.
Wow. Just wow. I've always been fascinated with military stories, and the brotherhood between fellow soldiers, airmen, etc. This story truly touched me. Thank you.

God bless,

Great writing, and your last paragraph is a lump-in-the-throat maker. Wow.
A gripping story. Great job on the application/understanding of the Bible verses. Your POV shifted around a bit, but overall, this was a really great entry.
Awesome story (one minor nitpick -"Fox One were flying" I would say "Fox One was flying" as the plane is Fox One, even though their are two men in it. :) Very intense and great ending.
Most excellent action read. Very well done! This is a very strong entry!
As everyone else already said, this was really well done. I especially enjoyed the fast pace of the dialog after the radar came up. Made it feel like reading it in real time. Great job.
Wow! You left such a powerful impression on the reader. Sometimes a story like this can come across as "preachy" but this one didn't at all! The message came through loud and clear through excellent story-telling! :-)
Even in the midst of war, The Holy Spirit still reachs out to save a lost soul. Well stated, well presented.