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Lovely story. A sequel would be nice. I would like to know if the young man made it back to his people and what he told them about his experience. But I guess something lesft to the imagination is good for a reader! I really like the way you took the story to a different time and place, and made the break more serious becuase of the setting.
What I love about this is that you dump us right into the scene. We feel we are really watching this unfold. The boy you write about in the beginning "being no more than a boy", suddenly becomes a man later on. I think it's more sympathetic for him to be a boy. We got the idea that he was a teenager. That's what you wanted us to think, right?

Good job.
A great little chapter. I enjoyed the whole thing!
Ah, yes, Another chapter! Good job! I always enjoy reading your stories!
Very cool :) I grew up watching Westerns on tv, and this felt like one of the good ones :)
Very nice.