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A great insight into the the mind of the Roman centurion. This could easily be made into a novel!
Wow! This was great!
As of now, I do not know your name, but I must say, you are a beautiful witness in the eyes of our Lord. This is a very touching piece that you have written and I'm sure Jesus is smiling down on you right now. In fact, I see him now with a broad, wide grin. How happy he looks! Praise you, Jesus!
I am speechless. This one touched deep within me, past my heart and into my soul. Thank you for this reminder of the ultimate act of love.
I'm in agreement with the others about the power and depth of this piece. Amazing! I think the first few paragraphs could be tightened just a bit to clarify point of view, but overall, this was a REALLY great piece. Well done!
I enjoyed having the story come from the point of view of someone who knew the murder victim, Scipio. It added a nice twist to the story.

Just wanted to point out that you said his neck was splattered with a "few drops" of blood that sickened him. But then when the rain began, you said "rivulets of red ran freely" from his sandals. The freely running blood would indicate to me more than a few drops splattered.

Having Jesus looking at him when he asked God to forgive was also a very nice touch.
Absolutely one of the best stories that I've ever read here. A wonderfully unique POV, and your centurion's voice was spot on. Awesome.
Pretty good monologue, but look at the second sentence. It jumps from 1st. to 3rd. person without transition. Wonderful handling of the story overall.
I almost didn't take the bait in the beginning; got a bit bogged down with the "ho-hum" of a soldiers duties, etc; however, due to Message Board scuttlebutt...I waded through. I am So Glad I did! It was very, very touching. A Great story!
Chilling! Great job!! :-)
You choice of such a unique point of view made reading this a fascinating experience that revealed new insights. Well written and touching piece of writing. Yeggy