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Hello friend,
How true this is! We try to take control over everything in our life. If only we'd trust in Jesus! And by the way, if there's a paid vacancy at the circus, I'll join you. I'm a 'house wife' with two kids and a T.V. addict for a husband (who, I must say is the clown in our home circus. Our kids just adore him!)
Keep up the good work. Jesus loves you very very much.
Windows…? What windows? Very nicely done.
Well written. I was drawn in, held on until the end, to see how the dilemma was solved. It was satisfying in that the answer is simple... but not easy.
Your 4th paragraph is great! Nice voice, very witty and charming.
Ah, Jo. This entry is so YOU! I would have guessed even if I hadn't read your hint. :-) Wonderful, witty writing as always. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I think I saw a little dust in paragraph two (put away the dust rag - I was just kidding LOL)
You were right, I pegged ya right away. Good writing as always.(:
This is a really cute one, Jo! Can't say I've ever been in your shoes though. A little dust doesn't bother me (until company's coming! LOL) and I've got a hubby who pitches right in, always has (Thank you, MIL!). You've done a great job on this entertaining and enlightening entry!!
R-E-L-A-X....! There's no dust in heaven, and if this life is all about preparing for eternity, then why practice DUSTING?!?!

Cute entry w/ a good point.
You are a kindred spirit with my wife, Jo. Great article!
Remember: I'm in my happy place, I'm in my happy place.
Always a pleasure to read your work.
Great job, Jo! Hehe, I love the line, "Does He do windows?" LOL
Finally made it to your entry, Jo! Still got a smile on my face. Oh, boy, have I been there and done that! I'm with Amy for favourite lines. Thanks for this enlightening and enjoyable read, Soooo good to hear your'voice' again. Yeggy.