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What a great reminder that we can trust HIM to be in control. Also, as our Shield, He protects us, as He protected Evelyn and Joe. Enjoyed this one. Very nice.
How often we forget where our protection comes from...if we would only ask. Great reminder and good job!
I loved your story. This happened to us, minus any smell. (Chimney was clogged with bird's nests). For three months our daughter had migraines and nausea and I couldn't stay awake. Hubby got out every day. The repair man couldn't believe we weren't extrememly sick or worse. Why didn't we become a statistic? Because God IS our shield! Praise His Name! Great story!
The voice of God recurring every so often is very effective here. Lovely.
Well done, Beth. I wondered what was coming there for a while ... an abusive husband ... but no, a wife who didn't want to be controlling. A different take on the topic, which worked well. Good job.

I have a friend who could have died in such a situation too ... but she didn't ... needed a month of daily oxygen room therapy though. So it rang true!
This is a wonderful piece, Beth. A true example of how being a submissive wife works...totally dependent on the Lord to be not only our shield, but our provider, and our defense. Well written, as usual. :)
Finally got to your entry, Beth! How hard it is sometimes to listen and obey! Your character's struggle, both spiritual and relational, was realistic. Her voice really rang true. A different take on control, too.