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Great story. Excellent descriptions. Really enjoyed it.
Your story touched me deeply. When my grandmother suffered a stroke, she lost her ability to speak English and reverted to German. Because I was very young and didn't understand what she was saying, I became afraid of her and no amount of coaxing would make me go to her. And of course, she didn't understand the reason for my reaction either. What a lonely world it can be. Thanks for expressing this so well.
wonderful and sad. well-written.
So sad ... and yet so true to life ... well done. I wonder if this is true ... it sure rings true.
This does ring true - you've conveyed the scene and the emotions expertly. Great job!
You have some lovely phrases here: the forgotten island, the daylight dimming...the work of a master wordcrafter. Well done!
How sad and moving. I loved this sentence: She seemed a forgotten island in the midst of a sea of activity. Such great words!
Very touching...very sad...very real. Those three words stand alone, don't they? Please! Help! Me! A needy, personal cry...from a heart in need of solace. Very well done.
This story was beautifully written. A very moving and thought-provoking piece. As Helmi lost control, she was asking for help, and as the visitor prayed, she was asking for God's help - neither getting the help they were needing at that moment. Helmi lost her physical control, and the visitor felt she had no control, but knew the One who does have control. Great job.
Sandra, I'm going to feature this piece on the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 15. Look for it on FW home page, and thanks again for this lovely story!
Your story brought me to tears -- literally. God bless you for seeking help from above on behalf of Helmi when you didn't have the answers. Beautifully written!

Dawn Thomason
Beautiful story. Lord willing, this coming Saturday I will be visiting a care home for the Deaf. I will think of this story as I struggle with communication.
This is a story that reaches out to all Christians. God has surely blessed you with a gift! Keep up this wonderful writing.
Pam Watkins