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I appreciate the honesty, and I identify with the struggle. Thank God for grace, which I've been given a terrific definition for: The God-given desire to do His will and the power to do it.
'But will God take away our inclination to rebel?' Interesting question. You’ve outlined a problem that I can identify with. Should the Godly Christian life be so hard to achieve? Are we missing something? Or beating ourselves up unnecessarily?
"overweight chocolate-addicted soldiers with messy quarters" -- hope you weren't making a misguided self-reference here cause I ain't buying it!
I love the lament, but it kinda starts with a story and then the story gets lost under the "lament" part of it... which makes you wonder why you started it as a narrative story at all to begin with.
It's not your best work, but it's an excellent thought for us all to abide by.
So, regardless it gave me (and perhaps others) something to ponder and get into our heart.
Touching someone's heart that way is 100 times better than Editors Choice anyhow!
I love "I want godliness and I want it NOW." Good exposition here, and so true.
You've touched the inner battle - Paul's "I want to do what I don't do, and don't do what I want to do" plight. We can all identify! I feel the hope of His calling is to know Him ever more intimately, and thus shake our preoccupation with the chocolate and other devices of the world that badger and sap us of energy. This line was cute: "How many overweight chocolate-addicted soldiers with messy quarters do you know?" This admonition is something to think about - from a holiness perspective, not a legalistic one. :-)

Your honesty and vulnerability made this piece extremely precious. I particularly appreciated the line: "I don’t want discipline … I just want to enjoy the abundant life on my terms." I think many of us can relate to this! I thought the reference to Uni students who had 'all the answers' was an interesting way to lead into the topic. It's as we grow and mature that we realise just how much we have to learn and that all those religious ideas that used to fall so easily from our lips take some doing to live up to. Well done.