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Excellent! I loved the struggle and how you zoomed back to see the wife's look as well. Nice writing:)
I am going to be picky here. I loved this until I got to that last line. It strikes me that what you said (or what I think you meant to say) might be better expressed: "Then, as Chad prayed, he was swept back with a final push and was gone." Maybe it's because it's late and my brain isn't working well, but I stumbled over who exactly was "gone". But this was super!
I loved this piece. The writing displayed the raw rage on the one hand and the raggedy edged desperateness on the other. The story also flows extremely well from beginning to end. I love the pace.
What a beautiful description of the battle for control - great job.
Very well written story! Very captivating! I will say that the "English accent" line confused me some. Was he speaking English as a second language or was he just from England? maybe it's just my befuddled brain...
I loved this, every bit of it. The two characters are both wonderfully portrayed and developed, hard to do in such a short peice. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the title--just sort of ho-hum for such a powerful story. Excellent!
Wonderully written. I could see and hear these characters. Great reminder of the unseen battles fought over our souls and the lies the enemy whishpers to us.
Remember, your precious Merlot. The man moved his arm around Chad and twirled the hair on the back of his head..

You described the characters so well that when I came to this line I wanted to reach out and knock his hand away.
Good job writing a piece that describes the struggle over those ungodly things that can control us if we allow them too.

Keep up the good work.
I agree with all the praise above! You carried your reader on an emotional ride through this story that was intriguing, exciting, disgusting, thrilling and breathtaking! Great storytelling!
Very well done. The eerie truth of this article was right on target. Good job!
Very involving - great description of spiritual warfare. Personification was excellent! I could almost see the beady eyes of the man in black......!
Cute story. It kept me smiling to the end.
Chris, this was one of my personal favorites. It was gripping, real and was well written. Good work!