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Powerful writing!!!
Awesome!!! What else can I say.
"The shadow of a lonely girl at a frosted window darkened my mind. I couldn’t leave any child with that man." Perfect description of mixed emotions. This is a tiny chunk of a huge story, but reads well as is. It leaves me with questions. I want to see more of this dance of dysfunction.
>> We named her Sunny cause she made us feel warm. <<

Every now and then, I'll read a line and just stop, letting the line sink in, and have its full impact before continuing on with the read. This was one of those lines. It spoke volumes to me.

Top notch, as seems to be your custom.
What an interesting take on the topic. Wow. One of my "Maxx favs." I liked how the focas of this story was on the people, their reactions to one another and their heartache felt in thier words to one another. I found this stroy to be quite differnet than your usual writing style, though it may just be me. I greatly enjoyed this piece and I guess your famous "No 'satisfaction'" endings booted you from placing once again.Funny how that happens.