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Absolutely lovely! And what a wonderful ending stanza! Thank you for this special poem!
"Illuminating all infinity –
As the universe praises His name"

I love it! All creation praises God through infinity (space and time). Awesome.

"Where the eye of no telescope reaches
Immeasurable beauty unfolds"

Beyond our reach, but so very real!

"This is the place I prepared for you,
The blueprint – your hopes and dreams."

This is beautiful. We don't exactly know what Heaven will be like, but I like to believe that what I like will be there--that unrealized dreams will be realized there. I'm not sure if that is exactly what you meant, but that is what it meant to me.

A lovely praise throughout. Well done! :)
The ryhthm and flow of this was beautiful, and after all of that grandness and power it ends with such a simple truth, we need only believe.
I loved it.
Oh Wow! Chills, chills, chills! I can't wait to read this agin! Absolutely beautiful! Wow!
Wonderful images-well done.
Lovely, lovely images.
A beautiful poem with so much power and meaning. Numerous beat problems disturb the flow, while open and free verse need not be counted, it still must have rhythm. Nonetheless the content is well thoughtout despite mechanical flaws.
Beautiful imagry, as always with your work, Christa. I would agree that this might fall a touch short of your usual extremely high standards. But a wonderful read none-the-less. Still touched me! Thanks!
Beautiful ... I especially love the colours that you paint throughout.

Although I hadn't read the hints as I browsed the entries (was waiting for my very slow computer to open up to the hints), I knew right away this was yours, Crista. (Maxx's comment above confirmed it.) You have a way with words that just blows me away, plus your focus on things that REALLY matter is a hallmark of yours.

Well done.
You painted an incredibly beautiful picture with your well-chosen words. I could picture it so vividly and just enjoyed the way you brought in Biblical symbols and imagery. As Dub said, well thought out. Awesome.
Your writing is incredible! I could buy an entire book of it and read it over and over again! Our Father has given you an amazing gift and I’m so excited you are using it to honor Him! Best wishes.